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We are a business that started in the Upper Peninsula, dedicated to serving the area with timely and accurate service. We provide solutions to the areas problem water no matter the issue. All of our equipment and applications are fully guaranteed. We can review your current water for the correct application regardless if there is existing equipment in place or not.

Since the beginning, WaterCare has remained at the forefront of the industry, with the latest technologies, all built in the USA, and a knowledgeable network of dealers that are ready to help. To them, water treatment means making water more efficient for your home, it means longer lifespans for your appliances, it means saving you money, and it means better health and wellness for your family.

Continuing our commitment to provide the highest quality products and exceptional customer service, we offer true American made, water and energy efficient equipment, with cutting edge technology that is perfectly suited for the problem water characteristics in our service area.

Today, we continue to offer a wide variety of equipment and services that includes:

  • Water Softeners and Conditioners
  • Iron and Odor Filtration Systems
  • Sediment Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
  • In-Line filters
  • Bottled Water Coolers
  • Point-of-Use Coolers
  • Replacement Parts and Filters
  • Bottled Water and Cup Delivery
  • Salt Delivery

We not only provide Residential and Commercial Equipment sales, but also provide Service on all makes and models of water treatment equipment.

We offer a full line of rental equipment for a hands free approach, as well as multiple payment options.

Our team of water industry experts can solve even the toughest water problems with some of the smartest equipment on the market!

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